About us
Chef Vivant™ – “Premium Recipe Content with Proven and Predicable Results”
Chef Vivant™ is a premium eCoobook and eRecipe website focused on providing the “at-home-chef” a pleasurable, value-added cooking experience. Chef Vivant™ focuses on providing premium cooking content from publishers, celebrity and executive chefs, food companies, and other sources, that only provide proven and “test-kitchen-verified” eCookbook and eRecipe content. This approach to securing premium cooking content provides tested, proven recipes that provide the at-home-chef an always predictable cooking experience. Whether you are cooking a meal for your family or planning a special event, Chef Vivant™ provides the eRecipes and eRecipe content and integrated Cookbook reader cooking tools to make the outcome a reality. This is true whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or experience at-home-chef.
Chef Vivant™ Cookbook Reader:
The Chef Vivant™ Cookbook reader was architected and then developed in the context of a providing immediate access to individual recipes as within an extended, online cookbook library. Similar to the “iTunes” music access model, the Chef Vivant™ structured access approach provides the at-home-chef with easy access to individual eRecipes, whether you have 20 or 20,000 eRecipes in your recipe library. This architecture also provides unique features, functions and capabilities when it comes to:
  • eRecipe searching and browsing,
  • Meal planning,
  • Menu development,
  • Storing and saving eCookbooks, eCollections, eMenues and individual eRecipes.
Never again will the at-home-chef wonder where they have saved their eRecipe as the Chef Vivant™ eCookbook library structure provides a unique, user-friendly access environment for all of their eRecipe content.
The Chef Vivant™ “True” Digital Premium Recipe Advantage:
Chef Vivant™ is the only premium cooking website and Cookbook reader that provides “true” digital premium recipes. The Chef Vivant™ premium recipes are not PDF files that provide no ability to enhance your success of your cooking experience. In fact, Chef Vivant™ premium recipes are just the opposite. The Chef Vivant™ premium eCookbooks and individual eRecipes are “true” digital content in every since of the word with integrated tools, capabilities, features, and functions that provide a new level of utility to your value-added cooking, experience, and hence predictability. With the Chef Vivant™ premium cooking content and the integrated Cookbook reader, whether you own a single premium eRecipe or a collection of 5,000 premium cookbooks, Chef Vivant™ provides a new, unequaled level of utility to enhance your at-home cooking experience, including:
  • Providing immediate access to any recipe or cookbook across your whole library of recipes,
  • Automatically adjusting the ingredients to the number of guest you will be serving,
  • Pairing an individual recipe with your favorite wine or a new wine of your choice,
  • Pairing a wine with your favorite recipe,
  • Automatically converting your recipes from US to Metric and back,
  • Providing a smart glossary that automatically identifies and defines unusual terms in your recipes,
  • Providing list of smart substitutions for individual ingredients within an active recipe,
  • Providing weights and measures conversions at your fingertips,
  • Supporting multiple timers to assist in meal preparation,
  • Integrating advanced search capabilities according to your individual method of searching,
  • Providing food pairing suggestions to assist in meal planning and preparation, according to your desires and choices.
In short, Chef Vivant™ is the only premium cooking content website and Cookbook reader that provides you with a pleasurable experience and at the same time, with the ability of producing a predictable result. Enjoy and happy cooking!